[Arduino|Ubuntu] Arduino development in eclipse on ubuntu

My operation system is a newly installed ubuntu 12.04, with a basic up-to-date updates. And Arduino IDE (the official one) is installed already and tested okay, in which way I know my arduino board works.


1. Install eclispe

$ sudo apt-get install eclipse

There is no need to pre-install jdk or jre, as apt-get will include all the dependants, if not found.

2. Install eclipse-cdt

$ sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt

Now C/C++ develop environment is setup in eclipse.

3. Install Arduino Eclipse plugin
Open Eclipse, in the menu, “Help”->”Install New Softwarew …”
In “Work with:” type in “http://www.baeyens.it/eclipse/update site/” and press enter.

choose “Arduino” in the list below and complete the installation.


4. Configure Arduino Eclipse plugin
In eclipse menu, “Window” -> “Preferences”

1)Set Arduino path


2) Set all the path from “Custom” to “System”


The arduino ide in linux does not contain every tool as it does in windows. We would use the tools in system.

5. Configure the serial port

Check whether your arduino board is recognized by your computer. As uno, you would find it in “/dev”, named “ttyACM0”, for older boards which use normal usb-to-serial chips, the name could be “ttyUSB0”.

Once your create a sketch, the pulgin would ask you ask on which port your arduino is. The serial detector does not work well as it in windows. you may type in the port name manually, but an alarm will pop up during uploading the sketch, about “serial port is not found.” But eclipse would upload the program to the arduino board eventually. To get rid of the alarm, you may do this.

Add this line


to the config file /ect/eclipse.ini


It is discussed in the plugin issues: https://github.com/jantje/arduino-eclipse-plugin/issues/7

By restart eclipse, the board would show up in the dropdown list in the project properties.

I have a problem that how should I modify the eclipse.ini if I got several arduino board plugged at the same time. Hacking the configure file feels like manually telling the plugin where the arduino is. But how can I tell eclipse where my arduinos are? Any help is appreciated.

Update on May 23, 2012: As my further test, I believe this issue happens to UNO, which use ATmega8u2 as the USB-to-Serial translator. In the case of older boards, which use classic USB-to-Serial chip, like max232, pl2303, cp2102, the serial detector in plugin works just fine.


  • Plug arduino board to USB 2.0 port. It doesn’t work well with USB 3.0
  • In my desktop, ADE does not reset the board after uploading. However, in my laptop, it works fine. Just like magic. If the board does not seem working, take a try by reseting it manually.

Check Arduino eclipse plugin official site, project host on github for more details. I have wrote a blog about this plugin, namely Develop Library with Arduino eclipse plugin


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