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  • zodiac1111

    http://www.instructables.com/id/Intro-to-Arduino/ 这个网站有很多DIY的东西,你可能会喜欢。

    • instructables,很有名的哈,上面还有我自己的小项目哦。

      • yoko


        • 哪些小项目?可以看看“微项目”和“初号机”。

  • Tassio Marquardt

    A friend of mine in China bought for me as a gift this product in taobao:
    But in the CD that comes inside there´s no manual in english. Is there any manual in english for me to get? Otherwise it wouldn´t be possible for me to assembly it because I can´t speak chinese. Thank you and best regards!

    • Hi, I am very sorry for the trouble you have. I am afraid that I may not offter you an English menu. Basically, first solider all the leds, the 64 leds in each layer share the same anode, while the 8 leds in each column shared the same cathode. So there are 8 anodes and 64 cathodes on the board.

      About programming, if you are using the Xuping’s version, plug the USB cable, and you would find a serial port on your PC. Then you may send 2 bytes, like “0xf1 0x00”, which refers to turn off all leds, “0xf1 0xff” means turns all leds on. There are other 2 commands, 0xf1, 0xf2.

      There is a blog http://aguegu.net/?p=238 about 3D8 driven by arduino. There is a sample code there. Wish it would make more sense to you.

  • 希望与你交流

    • 要及时回复的话,可以在微博上找我。

  • Hello! okay?
    I need your help.
    I’m in Brazil and bought a kit for mounting the cube leds, but not have any information about it, and I’m having trouble here in the forum to find answers.
    I do not speak Chinese and then everything is much more difficult. Sera that you could help me set up my cube 8x8x8 M3D8S-V2.0?
    Must mount the LEDs and program it.
    Would you like to help me.
    This is my e-mail
    e.junior1 @ yahoo.com.br

    Thank you

  • Hellou,
    Sorry, but i cant speak Chinese, its bit to hard for me using this site 🙂
    The cube is greate, i bought one of Your kit (M3D8S-Y3.0) and i have a big problem. I soldered the led matrix like on pictures from the internet. But after installing the drivers my pc say Unknow Device, and i cant use the java program, becouse i cannt connect. There is also a second problem.. The board isnt giving anny sing of life. After powering on, nothing happens. When i pull back a little the chip at the bottom of the board, the small(3mm) leds in the corners are shinig. The big(10) mm leds, and the cube are turned off. Not even a blink. Anny help or idea? Pls, its shame to leave the board and cube like this. May it be possible that i must programm somehow the chip? Or something burn out on the board?
    Wait for Your reply,

    • Sorry for the terrible delay. The serial-usb chip on the controller is ch340, which is not so popular right now. You may google it. I have found one for you http://www.driverscape.com/download/usb-serial-ch340

      The easiest way to test whether the board is working is plug 8 leds along the side which two sockets are close to each other. No need to solder the cube in hurry.

      It is interesting that you would buy my kits. As we have not ready to sell it aboard, because lack of documents. It seems you are on your own.

      You may found me at twitter, @aguegu . AT me for any problems you got. it would be replied much faster than my blog.

  • 你好,申请交换首页链接:

  • Hi aGuegu,
    I’m using your hx711 library but I see that is not working with IDE 1.0, not with ide0023 that I’ve used to write all my arduino schetches.

    Convert all my schetches to IDE1.0 would be too hard for me, so i’m kindly asking if you can help me providing me a version of hx711 lib working with IDE 0023.
    I would appreciate so much your support.



  • Anders

    Hi aGuegu.

    I bought a 8x8x8 LED cube off ebay. It looks like your 8x8x8 cube, but not exactly. The PCB doesn’t look exactly like the cube you show here either. It doesn’t have USB-ports or any of the pins out on the side, neither does it have the chipboards that you have under the PCB, like yours do in the video. But since the program has your name and it’s old, I think maybe it’s an old version of your cube.
    The software that follows looks almost the same like yours, except that it miss frames, play, save, load and a few other things, but has the same layout. It might be an older version. Name of program is “3D8 Windows App – aGuegu 2011”, so I searched for it and found your website.

    If this is a cube that you designed, what do I need to do with it to be able to program it, attach a chip like you have on your current one. I am really confused about how this will work, and seller have no information for me.
    Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231213718305?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

    If you could help me, I would be very thankful.